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Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler

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A smalltime Irish director says he’s found proof of a time traveler in extra footage from a 1928 Charlie Chaplin film. Maybe because we all badly want to it to be true, George Clarke’s clip is doing major press rounds. In it, Clarke.

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In October 2010, Northern Irish filmmaker George Clarke uploaded a video clip entitled "Chaplin’s Time Traveller" to YouTube.The clip analyzes bonus material in a DVD of the Charlie Chaplin film The Circus.

Smith is conducting a remarkable experiment: responding to current events in something like real time, and creating works of fiction. Dickens and.

"I do believe in time travel. Time travel to the future. Time flows like a river and it seems as if each of us is carried relentlessly along by time’s current. But time is like a river in another way.

Speculation about a supposed time traveler talking on her cell phone at a 1928 Hollywood. YouTube video that includes film footage showing the 1928 premiere of the Charlie Chaplin film "The Circus" at Manns Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

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A Zapruder-esque video is circling the Internet at the moment, and of all the oddball things, it’s footage from a Charlie Chaplin film that appears to show a woman (or is it a man in drag?) talking on a mobile phone. Which is weird,

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Charlie Chaplin’s Time Traveler is an Internet urban legend surrounding a footage from the premiere of the 1928 silent film The Circus written and directed by Charlie Chaplin.

The footage – supposedly in an extras section of a Charlie Chaplin DVD box set – was found by Irish. Is it a cell phone? Do you believe in time travel?

Want some pre-Halloween chills? Check out the YouTube video burning up the Internet showing a woman who appears to be talking on – could it be a cell phone? – way back in 1928! Spotted by filmmaker George Clarke, the clip is from a.

Assuming you have an Internet connection and a pulse, chances are pretty good you’ve by now seen the recently circulated footage from the 1928 premiere of Charlie Chaplin’s "The Circus. is clearly a time traveler. She’s not.

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Ben Chaplin, Actor: The Thin Red Line. With charm to spare and dark, unassumingly handsome looks, British actor Ben Chaplin arrived on the Hollywood scene in smart and sexy fashion with the comedy The Truth About Cats & Dogs (1996).

Fortunately for the reasonable members of the populace, the belief that a time-traveler with a cell phone was spotted in.

Possible Explanation No. 1: It’s a time-traveler. This is the first part of Clarke’s theory. And it’s not all that out there. Some scientists, including renown physicist Stephen Hawking, believe time travel is possible. Possible Explanation.

Lately, images and videos have surfaced that are claimed, by their owners, to be evidence of time travel. This is not so unusual, after all, as Steampunk goes mainstream and the image-making technology available to everyday users grows ever more sophisticated.

Courtesy George Clarke, here’s some footage—slowed down Zapruder-style—of Charlie Chaplin’s 1928 film. My only theory – as well as many others – is simple. a time traveler on a mobile phone. See for yourself and feel free to leave.

Ok, I just read the FORTEAN TIMES article, and I stand corrected. But it appears that I’m not the only one who jumped to conclusions…the fellow IS in fact attired completely in things which were available at the time, and, on closer inspection, the haircut reminds me very much of the one my Grandfather has i photos from the same period.

Irish filmmaker George Clarke thinks he’s stumbled across something rather strange: A film clip from a 1928 Charlie Chaplin film that appears to. explanation is that you’re looking at a time traveler talking on a cell phone. See for.

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Despite photographic evidence and eyewitness accounts, these tales of time travel were too good to be true. Not many time travelers have photo albums with snapshots of their journeys. Meet Billy Meier. In the 1970s, the Swiss-born Meier was taken on a few chronological joyrides by a race of.

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Time travel is one of the most mysterious science fiction theories that people have. Many believe the government hast the ability to time travel.

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There’s no question that Charlie Chaplin was ahead of his time. time on his hands found this image in Chaplin’s "The Circus" from 1928, theorizing about time travel in a YouTube video. It, of course, went viral Thursday, at.

George Clarke, a Belfast native, is convinced that a woman who appears in a Charlie Chaplin 1923 film is holding a cell phone. He stumbled upon this while watching the DVD extras for "The Circus." In the film, a woman walks by, holding.

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In 2006, Bengtson followed with Silent Traces: Discovering Early Hollywood Through the Films of Charlie Chaplin. It is the closest thing to time travel I will likely ever experience.”

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Last week, the internet was captivated by a Charlie Chaplin movie outtake which appeared to show an extra chatting on a cell phone as she walked through the shot. Turns out it was probably just an old school hearing aid. Irish filmmaker.